Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Posts and Pictures

Hey friends! I noticed not everyone has made it over to our blog. This is where all of the new and update blog posts are going! We have news about our journey with MAF, pictures of Cade as he grows and learns new things, and info about where we will be going - Indonesia!
Can't wait to see you on the other blog!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Greenwald Flight Following

Hi friends! We are so glad that you follow us here, but we have a new home - is where you will find new updates on life, journey and adventures!

You can also check out our facebook page - Greenwald Flight Following

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and love!
Pete, Ashley, and Cade

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Last Five Years...

I sit here typing from our adorable studio apartment at MAF Headquarters in Nampa, ID. Looking out the window at a gorgeous landscape - high desert, beautiful mountains, and farmland - I can't help but thank God for all that He has done in our lives over the past 5 years (and more). In the last five years, God revealed to Pete and I His plan for us to be together. In the last five years, God began in us hearts for a strong marriage and people/situations to strengthen our love for Him and one another. In the last 5 years, God gave us peace about the path He had for us in overseas missions and the organization we should pursue for His calling. In the last five years, God blessed me (Ashley) with a job that helped limit Pete's school loans. In the last five years, God allowed Pete to complete school and become a flight instructor. In the last five years, God grew our family of two into a family of three. Pete and I continue to be amazed at the wonderful little man Gad has entrusted to us. In the last five years, God kept doors open to MAF by allowing us to complete a successful two weeks of Technical Evaluations and acceptance into Candidacy. In the last five years, God worked out the financial details to allow us a start into fulltime missions far sooner than we could have ever thought! In the last five years, God has been oh so good to our family. It did not come without hard work, diligence, and even some difficult times, but boy has God been faithful!

As we begin our time at MAF and keep following God's leading in our lives, we will keep you - our friends and family - updated through a new blog. Please join us on the journey by logging on to

Monday, March 28, 2011

2 months

A not-so-average Monday - instead of waking to feed Cade, get him and I ready, and head to work, today, I was able to spend the morning with our son! Today was Cade's 2 month check-up. Baby in tow, Pete and I drove to Cade's pediatrician. Upon our arrival, Dr. Hunter noticed Cade's striking resemblance to his daddy. This has been a constant since he was born. I must say, I am pleased he looks so much like Pete and love that he has his own little quirks, too. We listened as she gave his new height, weight, and head circumference information. He now weighs 12 lbs and is 23 1/2 inches long. Today was also shot day - screaming (and holding his breath), Cade took his shots like a little champion and I (drum roll please) didn't cry as he was receiving them!

Our growing Cade-man has some amazing quirks and other cute attributes that I would like to share (proud mom moment begins):
1. He snorts like a pig and makes a fun open-mouth face when hungry. The snorting he gets from me and the amazing appetite he gets honest from both Pete and I!
2. He can hold his head up. Not for very long or all too steady, but he holds it up none-the-less.
3. He can focus on objects and likes to look at me - woohoo!
4. He smiles - my favorite smiles are what we call 'smile-kisses' where I kiss his little cheeks and he smiles in response. I know - your heart is melting now! Mine does everytime I give him a 'smile-kiss'.
5. He makes adorable little noises. Some might call them "coo's". Again, my heart melts when I hear them and see a smile come upon our little man's face!
6. He likes to play "where's Cade?" Also known as "peek-a-boo", this fun game keeps him entertained for quite a while and gets those beloved smiles as well.
7. He loves the Ash's - the amazing family who keeps him during the day while I am at work. The younger kids like to play with him and his toys and Megan, their oldest, feeds him and cares for him in such a loving way, I couldn't be happier!
8. He loves snuggles with both Pete and I.

We are one VERY happy family. Here are some pictures - enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Greenbean Delivery

January... where did January go? As Pete and I began the new year, we knew an important milestone would be approaching quickly. Our son's due date was January 20th and we could not wait for him to arrive. Every night we would go to bed thinking, "this could be the night". Every morning we would arise and decide, "perhaps while I am at work". And with every phone call to Pete, my parents, and even some friends I would inevitably here the words, "is it time to go to the hospital?"

On January 19th I went in for a routine check-up, just one day shy of 40 weeks and I wanted a baby, but I also wanted to make sure that our son came in God's timing and as naturally as possible. During the check-up, my doctor (Paul Lin who is the BEST OB-GYN EVER!) let me know that since my blood pressure was on the high side, I needed to go to the hospital for some "further observation". The staff would check my blood pressure for several hours and perform some bloodwork to make sure the baby wasn't in danger. Pete and I got our bags together, Pete ate lunch (none for me since there was a chance I could be induced while at the hospital) and with great hesitation and a bit of unease, we made our way to the staging area for labor and delivery at Good Shepherd Medical Center. While under observation, my blood pressure was in normal range and all the bloodwork came back "perfect". So Pete and I were sent home from the hospital and I was told to take it easy a day or so before going back to the doctor on January 21st. I just knew our son was not supposed to be born that day!

I was cleared to go back to work at my next doctors appointment with instructions to stay stress-free (yeah right!) and return the following Tuesday.

Side Note: For those of you who do not know what I do for a living, I am an Admissions Counselor and Preview Events Coordinator at LeTourneau University and this is the BUSIEST and most STRESSFUL time of my year due to the large back-to-back preview events I am responsible for planning.

Upon returning to work I proceeded to continue my work on the next preview event (around 50 students coming to campus that Thursday-Friday). When I saw Paul on Tuesday, my blood pressure was back up to an "unhealthy" level and I was told at that point that I would be sent to the hospital again - this time I could go through the observation routine again and return home on bed rest OR I could go ahead and have our son. This time, I was ready and had a HUGE peace that this was God's timing. Pete once again got something to eat and we made our way to the Labor and Delivery floor at GSMC.

My body went from zero to baby in a matter of 13 hours - this was remarkable considering the doctors used two means of induction to make my body cooperate! Throughout the entirety of the process, Pete was amazing and remembered all the key points from our birthing class, supported and encouraged me when I needed it, and made sure that I was as comfortable as humanly possible (not an easy task!).

At 4:05am on Wednesday, January 26 (6 days "past due") our son, Cade Bennett Greenwald was born! 6 lbs 15.9 ozs, 19 and 3/4 ", and perfect as can be! He is by far the most amazing thing the Lord has allowed me to be a part of!

The past two weeks (and 2 days - but who is counting?) have been the most amazing moments for our family. Cade is a sweet and peaceful baby who makes wonderful noises, adorable expressions, and has rockin' reflexes! I am one blessed momma!

Here are some pictures of our little bean upon birth: